Our Team

Community Senior Letters (CSL) was founded by Nina Andersen and there is now a larger team involved. Our dedicated CSL Team plays a pivotal role in the non-profit project’s operations, reaching out to schools and care homes across the globe to get involved, as well as maintaining involvement with those already taking part. Our Team has been instrumental in continuing to foster meaningful connections within communities.

Marianna Pasini

My role in the Community Senior Letters initiative is to email schools asking them whether they would like to take part in the project, and pairing them with a care home. I also help out on the technology side of Community Senior Letters, such as organising all the data we have stored from schools and care homes. 

I enjoy the impact my volunteering has on local communities, such as combating social isolation and generation gaps. I joined the CSL team as I wanted to volunteer somewhere where I can impact communities as well as communicate with lots of people, as I wanted it to support my university application. Additionally, because CSL is a student-run initiative, it allows me to have leadership opportunities as well as developing my teamwork skills with my fellow members of the CSL team.

Theo Munro

My role in Community Senior Letters is contacting schools and getting them involved with the project. I joined the project to be involved in a student-led initiative that does good work in the wider community and because I am doing English Literature at University, so the project was linked with my interests.

Emily Rimmer

My role in Community Senior Letters is contacting care homes and encouraging them to take part in the project. I chat to them about what it is that we do and why, and how sending letters to people in different generations can be very beneficial in combating feelings of loneliness and isolation. 

I joined CSL as I believe in the importance of community and loved the idea that I could help make a difference for many people within my own area, as well as on a larger scale. Also, I was excited to gain experience working in a team of my peers and have found that taking part in a student-led initiative has been a very valuable opportunity, vastly strengthening my teamwork and communication skills. 

Olivia Marsicola

As part of the team, my role was to expand the project geographically by calling up care homes in a variety of different countries and pairing them with international schools. I was eager to join the team as I wanted to help people who have felt isolated especially after COVID-19 and I think the best aspect was the inter-generational socialisation! 

Teresa Papageorgiou

Sofia Zurita

My role in Community Senior Letters is to reach out to schools and get them involved in the project as well as checking in on already paired schools to make sure everything is running smoothly and answer any questions. I got involved with Community Senior Letters because I was interested in helping out my local and wider community with important issues. I felt like loneliness was such an important issue to combat after COVID-19 and I feel we are really making a difference!

My role at Community Senior Letters is to contact paired up care homes and check all is running well, listen to any feedback and ideas as well as reaching out to new care homes, some even international. I joined CSL in 2022 as I thought the programme was a great way to connnect such different generations, especially after such a moment of isolation.

Vittoria Cortese

My role was to expand this project by connecting international schools from all around the world to care homes. I enjoyed doing this, because I was able to use my linguistic abilities to make a positive impact on my community.