Community Senior Letters is a not-for-profit community project. CSL believes strongly in the power letters have to affect empathy and connection between two people from different generations, contexts, and walks of life. It has the power to uplift spirits, ease stress and relax the mind during these unsettling times.

Since care home visits are limited due to COVID-19, the elderly residents are feeling very lonely, and would love for students to write to them to help lift their spirits. Our aim is to match schools to care homes in the local area so that students can write letters to the elderly residents to provide them with some human connection.

It can also help students to unleash their creativity, and to put their thoughts and feelings into writing as they send letters to the care homes. This can teach them valuable life lessons, such as compassion for those in vulnerable situations, selflessness as they carry out good deeds for the benefit of others, and to be mindful in these uncertain circumstances.

We currently have over 170 schools and over 140 care homes in 27 different boroughs involved in London, as well as various schools and care homes paired in other major cities such as Edinburgh and Dublin.

The team behind Community Senior Letters is also behind Community Senior Music, which we hope to continue once the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.